Natural Hair Discrimination in Army Has Been Reviewed. Check out the Changes!


Great news!!  According to an article I read on ArmyTimes there have been some policy changes made to recent change in the Army Regulations as it relates to Hair.  Didn’t know about the Army regulation changes?  Spend a few minutes here informing yourself.

 Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said, “Dreadlocks, cornrows, twisted braids and other hairstyles popular among African American women will be more accepted across the military” after a forcewide review of hairstyle policies prompted several changes.  

Here’s an overview of the service-specific changes:


■ Increased the size of authorized braids, cornrows and twists and eliminated the spacing requirement.

■ Authorized temporary two-strand braids.

■ Authorized a ponytail during physical training.

■ Eliminated the terms “matted and unkempt” from grooming policy.


■ Authorized two-strand twists.

■ Authorized multiple braids to hang freely if they remain above the collar and encompass the whole head.

Air Force

■ Authorized two-strand twists, French twists and Dutch braids.

■ Changed the term “dreadlocks” to “locs.”

■ Eliminated the terms “matted and unkempt” from grooming policy.

Marine Corps

■ Will convene a special uniform board this summer to consider expanding authorized hair styles.

This is definitely a move in the right direction.  Our voices are being heard curl friends.

Were you personally effected by the changes in the army regulations?  Are you happy with the outcome?  What other changes are you interested in seeing?