Natural Hair Mistakes – Have You Made Any?


One thing I’ve learned during my natural hair journey is that our journeys our personal.  Many naturals share similarities in their journey such as product choices, style choices, there are even similarities in regimens.  But there are other more personal aspects of being natural that we alone can only share, even though many others can relate.

One natural hair mistake I made was around my 1 year mark.  I decided to flat iron my hair because I wanted to see how long it was.  Straightening my hair was never really something I wanted to do, but I was influenced by many other naturals who straighten their hair at the one year mark.  The funny thing about it was I didn’t feel like how they felt at all.

When I would watch their videos on YT, they loved their straightened hair and would spend much of the video touching, combing and raving about their growth.  I on the other hand was miserable the entire day I wore my hair straightened.

I could smell the stench of hot hair all around me all day.  Every time I touched my hair, I was reminded that there were no coils to embrace, there were no kinks to rub my fingers through, just straight hair. I was not a fan.  I daydreamed all day about my hair not reverting back and began to scare myself silly.

Immediately when I got home I wanted to stick my hair in the sink and feel my hair transform back to its Kinky Curly Coily natural state. And that’s exactly what I did!

You will make mistakes in your journey and the unfortunate part is that you won’t know it was a mistake until it’s too late.  There are some instances where you can learn from others mistakes, but that’s not always the case.  Who’s to say that you won’t love straightening your hair?  My cousin does and I don’t.

I asked this question on the KCCM Fanpage and was pleasantly surprised the overwhelming amount of comments I received.  Here were some of the “mistakes” that stood out to me.

Adinah Juliet Excessive blow drying. My ends hated me lol.
Tania King I banded my hair while it was soaking wet for stretch when it dried its was these stringy long twists..I couldn’t do anything with them
N Mariah Fuller Buying too many products all because I watched a certain youtube video, or listening to those around me who said a certain product worked wonders! Major fail!
Tamerra Williams Picot Not understanding or being educated enough in the beginning of my journey… I spent WEEKS “moisturizing” my hair with oil. LOL
Rolounda Denise Hartwill Not being patient. Embracing the journey and accept what each day brings.
Andrea Jackson Dyed my hair right after the big chop and it made my hair super dry…so happy I have cut almost all of the dyed hair off but it was def a major setback
Tina Loury Strickland Not getting my hair trimmed.
Michaela Penix I tried a Dominican blowout in July…my curls never bounced back all the way and now my hair looks like I got a texturizer or a j. curl 🙁  The heat was just too much for my hair. My twist outs don’t last very long and I still have some straight pieces. No more heat for me!!!!

Have you made any natural hair mistakes? What was it? What did you learn?