Natural Hair Spotlight: Sikethia

Natural Hair Spotlight: Sikethia5

What inspired me to start growing natural hair?

I honestly wanted a change and I was so curious to see how my hair would look in its natural state. At the time I decided to go natural I was working at a hair salon as an office manager and I saw so many naturals coming and going and one particular lady came in for a press. Her hair was golden brown and it was in finger coils. When the stylist was done her hair was hanging and swinging in the wind!! I was in awe!! So that made my decision even more definite! I have been natural for 8 years and I transitioned into being natural for almost a year until I cut the rest of my permed ends off. The styles that I wore were: quick weaves, rod sets, pressed and I even wore extensions at one point.

What were the responses you received in response to your natural hair decision?

The responses I received were pretty positive. My friends and family loved my hair and I did too!

How often do you wash and style your hair? What are your favorite styles to wear?

I wash and style my hair once a week. I have colored treated hair now so I make sure I retain moisture by deep conditioning often. My favorite styles to wear are the High Messy Bun (on Stretched Hair of course) and Wash & Go’s.

Natural Hair Spotlight: Sikethia4 What products do you use in your hair?

I am currently using Hydratherma Naturals in my hair and I use a lot of Shea Moisture products in my hair. You can watch my favorite products of 2015 in the video below.

What advice would you give to women contemplating growing natural hair?

I would tell women who are contemplating growing natural hair to “JUST DO IT”!! Your hair is so much healthier and strong in its natural state. Although it is quite a journey, its so well worth it. You gain so much confidence while rocking your natural tresses.

How do you feel when you see other Naturalistas?

I get so excited and I try not to stare! I feel so empowered to share such a huge movement with other women!

Natural Hair Spotlight: Sikethia3 What are 5 hair items/products you can’t live without?

EcoStyler Olive Oil gel, Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie, Coconut Oil, TGIN Honey Miracle Mask, and my Scalp Massager from

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