Natural Hair Tutorial: How To Pre-Poo


If your hair feels rough, dry, brittle, and crunchy (especially your ends) you should consider a pre-poo. It really really does wonders for the health of your hair. Since starting pre-poos a few months ago, I am addicted!

I start off by sectioning my hair down the middle into 2 large parts. Then I start off with one side, breaking it down into smaller sections. I saturate the hair with water from my spray bottle. I finger detangle gently. I add LOTS of oil to the section concentrating on my ends. Then I add a good amount of conditioner. Rub it through very well. Then detangle with my Denman brush. I twist the section up and repeat with the rest of my hair.

When all of my hair has been pre-pooed, I pin my hair to the top of my head and sit under my huetiful steamer for about 20-30 minutes. And Im done.

I wash my hair with the twists in and it takes minutes in comparison to the time it took before!