Naturals Be Blazin’- Add a Blazer to Your Look!


Hey Naturalistas!

Blazers….. I LOVE THEM….we ALL should have them.

Have you ever worn a REALLY cute outfit and then looked in the mirror and thought..”BLAH!” I often do that and I then realize that I need more structure to my look. Blazers add that element of structure and give the appearance that you are more put together than you are or heightens your “togetherness.” You can see me rocking blazers HERE and HERE.

Keep in mind that there are numerous types/styles of blazers. They come in different sizes, shapes, cuts, colors, etc. One day you can wear a peplum blazer or the next day you can wear a boyfriend blazer. A boyfriend blazer is simply an oversized blazer usually cuffed to your elbow to give the illusion that you sneaked into your boyfriend’s/husband’s side of the closet and borrowed his blazer for the day. On the other hand, a peplum blazer is a fitted blazer with a short overskirt/frill attached to it. Sounds a bit confusing? See one HERE.

Blazers can also spruce up your simple look. Even with the summer on the horizon, you can wear light-cotton (or other airy fabrics) blazers because for a lot of us, it gets HOT during the summertime.  This way, you can still rock a blazer, while adding a bit more professionalism to a maxi dress/skirt or simple tank. I love wearing plain jeans and a simple tank or tee that would look quite casual if I threw on some 2 for $5 flip flops from Old Navy ( I can’t be the only one who owns pairs of these). Yet, this outfit looks completely different when I throw on a blazer to enhance the look.

Here is one of my friends Chakayla wearing this very look!

The thing I love about blazers is that they are for EVERYONE. There is not too much science to wearing one. You just have to make sure they don’t look too frumpy or aren’t too small.

Take note of this:

1. Look at the shoulder seam. It should be aligned where your shoulder meets your arm. If the seam is inches down your arm, it is too big. “Boyfriend” doesn’t mean baggy.

2. If you want to create a more flattering shape, find a blazer that flares out at the waist. It gives women with larger tops and smaller bottoms more of an even look. Women with larger bottoms want to find one that comes in at the waist to give the illusion of a smaller waistline.

3. Every woman needs a basic black blazer to throw over anything. It can be worn in the office and in the CLUB. Multi-functional blazers and clothing in general is a must.

4. Watch the arms. Many women tend to store fat in the arms so be sure to find a blazer that fits. Gathering in the arms is unflattering and takes away from the crispness of a blazer.

5. Play with colors. You can find blazers in pastels, neons, and neutrals. Start experimenting.

Jenell wears a patterned blazer. with a cotton top. Isn’t she fierce?

Simple and easy… here’s me wearing a blazer for the spring!


That’s it curls!!


Stay Fabulous!

Who’s been wearing blazers lately?

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