New Hair. New Friends?


Nadine, Sasha, Shana

Am I the only one who’s relationships with friends has changed since going natural?

When I decided to go natural I was very motivated and anyone who was around me would get an ear full of my excitement.

Did  you know that you can use the Olive oil you cook with for your hair?

Girl I’m not messing with that Lusters Pink Lotion no more, it has Mineral oil in it?

Should I do a twist out or should I do a braid out?

You know what I’m talking about ladies, it’s soooo hard to keep it in.  All you can think about is your hair and how you plan on spending the rest of your life growing it long and healthy to make up for the 20 some odd years,  you killed permed it into submission.

While you sit there talking about trying out the ACV rinse to clean your scalp and using JBCO to grow back your edges, your relaxed friends are rolling their e-y-e-s.

Can you blame them?  We can get really annoying sometimes with all this hair talk.

So what do we do? We naturally begin to make new friends who have a common interest in what we are interested in – HAIR.  I have made several new friends in the 2 years that I’ve been natural and these girls are my road dogs. We have the best convos and we have the greatest time together. And would you belive that I met them ALL online??

Monique, Me, Keisha

My girl Sasha, was a twitter friend that I started having lunch with 1x a week on our break. We’ve been inseparable ever since.

My girl Keisha, was a YT friend, she used to watch my videos and then I started watching her videos, then we met up at a Natural Hair meetup in Brooklyn and we’ve been besties ever since.

My girl Nadine, was hosting an event and Chary J (of YT) posted the event, I reached out to her offering her help on behalf of #KCCM, and we have been sooo tight!

This is just 3 of the many!

What about my relaxed friends, have I just thrown them to the curb? Nope, they are around and I still love them, but when I get together with my natural friends we can talk for hours about things that are really interesting to me now.

If I ask my natural girlfriends, “Did you hear what Wendy Williams said about Viola Davis’ hair on the red carpet?” There will be a thunderous “YES!” followed by 30 minutes of in depth conversation about how Wendy shouldn’t have said what she said and the impact of her comment on society and women.

Yes its that deep.

The fact of the matter is, you probably made your old friends at a time in your life when you had something in common like, school, work, church, old friends, an organization, etc.  At this time in your life, you have a new interest and with that brings forth new people to share it with.  Ain’t nothing wrong with that!

So, tell me, since going natural, have your old relationships changed? If so, how, and why? Have you developed new relationships with natural women? How did you come to meet them?