Oil Sheen Advice

Relaxed Hair (partial sew in weave)

When my hair was relaxed Oil Sheen was something I always had in stock.  Most of you are probably saying “Amen…I hear that” because you can relate.

Using Oil Sheen added luster and shine to my relaxed hair when it was on the dull side.

If you are an ingredients reader, as I am, then you most likely know that Oil Sheen has a few forbidden ingredients, MINERAL OIL AND/OR PETROLEUM. Aaaaaahhhhh!!!  Not all naturals read labels and not all naturals that read labels care whether forbidden ingredients are present in a product.

This post IS NOT to discourage anyone from using Oil Sheen.
This post IS meant to inform and aid you in using Oil Sheen.

What is Oil Sheen?

Oil sheen is essentially an aerosolized combination of mineral oil and/or petroleum, silicone, (some) natural oils and fragrance. The pump or spray action allows the product to disperse a thin layer of light oil across the hair. It is designed to add sheen and is often used as a finishing spray to polish off a style.

Why does it matter that Oil Sheen has MINERAL OIL AND/OR PETROLEUM in it?

The film that mineral oil and petroleum creates on hair is occlusive which means that it prevents moisture leaving your hair but also prevents moisture getting in which leads to dry hair.

How Can I use Oil Sheen without Damaging my Hair?

Use Oil Sheen in moderation. Limit usage to one or two quick “sprays” every few days.  ALWAYS use a water-based moisturizer first and then follow with a light spray of oil sheen.

If you use mineral oil or petroleum products in your hair, you will have to use a sulphate shampoo to get rid of it because remember, it is blocking moisture from coming in. The problem is, washing your hair with a sulphate shampoo often, will remove your natural hair oils and if your hair is not moisturized properly afterward, this dryness can lead to breakage.

I ONLY Use All Natural Products, How Can I get my Hair to Shine?

I personally do not use Oil Sheen, and I do find that you can get the same benefits from a drop of two of natural oil (Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil etc.) and the sheen will last a lot longer.

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