Optimum Hair Miracle with Curly Nikki and Tracee Ellis Ross – Aug 2012


I am such a groupie!

And I’m not embarrassed to say this at all!

I met CurlyNikki and Tracee Ellis Ross last night and my heart skipped a few beats!

I’ve collaborated with CurlyNikki on a few guest posts on her website CurlyNikki.com, but we’ve only corresponded through email. I never heard her voice, hugged her, smiled in her face or touched he hair. Well last night I did all of that and more!

HausOfSwag.com Tracee Ellis Ross was delightful. I shook her hand and hugged her! She complimented me on my bold lipstick too. She said “You have on Nars!” and I said “YESS!” But this was all in the heat of the moment because I didn’t have on Nars, I actually had on Smashbox Fuchsia Flash, but I was all caught up in the moment I just went along with it. LOLOL You know how that is right?

Telling Tracee Ellis Ross How Much I love her! I told Tracee:

I’ve loved you since you were Joan, I watched every episode of the show. You are an amazing actress and I love you so much. I am the editor of a natural hair website and I feature you ALL THE TIME! Tracee asked me what the name of my website was and I said “KinkyCurlyCoilyMe.com” and do you know what she said?

Tracee said, Oh My God, I read your website all the time!


Do you think she was caught up in the moment too?

Cheesing with my love, Sasha The venue was packed! There were at least 500 naturalistas in there. I had an awesome time meeting a lot of “My Loves” that watch me on YouTube, join me on FB, Twitter, Instagram, and also read this website. They all looked fab!

The event was hosted by Optimum Hair Care (Soft Sheen Carson), they launched the new Miracle Oil, which is an oil blend of 6 natural oils including, Argan Oil, Coconut Oil, Avocado oil. This oil blend is good for reducing frizz, sealing your hair and adding shine. The oil will be on sale for $8.99 and you should be able to find in almost all retailers.

It was an amazing time, my girls Sasha and Toni of HausOfSwag.com had a blast too!

Going Crazy with my Love, Toni Enjoy the pics!

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