Pampering My Hair – Sept 2, 2013


Wash Session

My family (hubby, my munchkin and the bump) and I visited Trinidad last week and we had such a great time (check out this pic). I went swimming while there on 2 occasions and after swimming I co-washed my hair.  For this reason, today I started off with a pre-poo because I knew that I would need to shampoo my hair not once, but twice to get rid of all the junk in my hair that I brought back with me from Trinidad.  I’m currently reviewing the Curly Twirls products so just about every product used today was from this collection. Look out for the product review, coming soon.

Products used in Pre-poo

  • warm water
  • Curly Twirls Conditioner ( a good squeeze)
  • Curly Twirls Argan Oil ( a nice squirt)

Curly Twirls PrePoo Mix I put all the ingredients in the water bottle and then soaked my  hair in  the mix. I massaged it through and then rinsed my hair with warm water in the sink.

Following the rinse I applied shampoo to my hair, massaged, rinsed and then shampooed again and rinsed. I then put a large amount of conditioner in my hair and I finger detangled. It wasn’t bad detangling with my fingers at all because my hair is so short now.

Curly Twirls and ORS Hair Mayo

Products used in Washing

  • Curly Twirls Sulfate Free Shampoo
  • Curly Twirls Moisturizing Conditioner
  • ORS Hair Mayonnaise Treatment (review)
  • Gold N Hot Ionic Soft Jumbo Bonnet Dryer  (heres a few places online I found it for you (sallys) (amazon)

Jenell Deep Conditioning with a hair dryer This collection doesn’t have a deep conditioner, so I pulled out an oldy but goody to deep condition my hair today.  I put on a plastic cap then put on my jumbo hair drying bonnet for 15 minutes. I rinsed out the deep conditioner and then went on to styling.


I normally don’t style my hair in a wash n go, because it takes a lot of time to apply and dry and my curls don’t really curl up that well, but because I’m reviewing the Curly Twirls Products I decided to define my curls today with their curling custard.

Products Used

  • Curly Twirls Leave In Conditioner
  • Curly Twirls Curling Custard
  • Curly Twirls Argan Oil
  • warm water

Curly Twirls Leave in, Custard, and Oil I applied the Curly Twirls leave in conditioner all over my hair. I sectioned my hair in rows starting at the back then moved to the sides, then the crown and ended with the front. I used a water bottle to saturate each parted section before applying a good amount of the Curling Custard to the section. I raked my fingers through the section repeatedly to make sure it was evenly distributed onto my hair.

Hot Tools Blow Dryer When my hair was sopping in the product, I pulled out my blow dryer to assist in the drying process. I used the concentrated nozzle to keep my hair from blowing all over the place.  When my hair was 95% dry, I rubbed the Curly Twirls Argan Oil all over my hair for shine. As stated before I will have a review up on my YouTube channel very soon of these products.

Jenell's Soaking wet hair with Curly Twirls Curling Custard

Jenell’s Soaking wet hair with Curly Twirls Curling Custard

Jenell's Wash n Go with Curly Twirls Curling Custard

Jenell’s Wash n Go with Curly Twirls Curling Custard

How did you pamper your hair this weekend?