Pampering Session with all New Products

Braid Out done b4 this pampering session

I finally found time and energy to do a pampering session!!! [insert applause]

My hair was in a protective style (PS) for 3 months and I did NOTHING to my hair during that time. I didn’t oil, I didn’t moisturize, I didn’t wash, I didn’t even spritz with water.

Surprisingly, my hair bounced back so well! This was most likely a result of the awesome care I’ve given my hair for over a year.

There was lot’s of shed hair of course, but also TONS of growth. Pregnant or not, if you put your hair in a PS for 3 months, you should have 1.5″ of growth (average).

Okie… so on to my pampering session, here’s what I did:

*This may or may not take you this much time depending on length of hair and your washing method*

Mizani Shampoo & Conditioner

Shampoo: (Total Time: 9:11 [min:sec])
Product – Mizani True Textures Curl Balance Color Safe Sulfate-Free Shampoo
Method – In shower, soaked my hair in water, separated into 4 sections using 4 banana clips, lathered one section with shampoo, rubbed well, then rinsed that section out, then lathered with shampoo again, did not rinse 2nd application of shampoo out, then put clip on that section and moved onto next section.  When I did this to all sections I rinsed out the 2 back sections thoroughly, put clips back on, then rinsed out front 2 sections thoroughly,  then put clips back on.  Then moved onto Conditioning.


Conditioning & Detangling: (Total Time: 25:41 [min:sec])

Product – Mizani True Textures Cleansing Cream Conditioning Curl Wash
Method – Lathered one section with conditioner, rubbed well, then split that section into 2 smaller sections, clipped top piece up and detangled bottom section with large tooth comb then Denman brush, twisted this detangled smaller section into a two strand twist, then repeated with the top smaller section.  Continued this with the other 3 sections.  When I was finished I had 8 two strand twists in my hair.  I bathed my skin and rinsed off my tools while the conditioner penetrated my hair. THOROUGHLY rinsed twists out squeezing them to make sure water rinsed through each twist. I did not separate my twists. Then moved onto Deep Conditioning.
Mizani Deep Conditioner

Deep Conditioning: (Total Time: 33:43 [min:sec])

Product – Mizani True Textures Curl Replenish Deep Conditioner and Huetiful Hair Steamer
Method – Loosened one detangled twist of hair and applied the deep conditioner to that section from root to tip and then retwisted the section.  Continued with remaining 7 twists.  Pinned twists to the top of head and then sat under the steamer for the allotted time. Then removed pins and rinsed deep conditioner out of twists THOROUGHLY squeezing them to make sure water rinsed through each twist. I did not separate my twists.   Then moved onto Moisturizing, Pampering, and Setting.
Mizani D’Tangle Leave-In Conditioner

Moisturizing, Pampering, and Setting: (Total Time: 30:13 [min:sec])

Product – Mizani D’Tangle Leave-In Conditioner, Mizani Supreme Oil, AsIAm Twist Defining Cream
Method – Loosened one detangled deep conditioned twist of hair and applied the leave-in conditioner (water based moisturizer) to that section and rubbed with my fingers/hand from root to tip.  Applied the oil  (oil based moisturizer) and rubbed with fingers/hand from root to tip.  Then split that section into 2 smaller sections and applied the twisting cream and brushed through with my denman and twisted.  Added twisting cream to other smaller section and then brushed and twisted.  Repeated this with rest of hair for a total of 16 twists (4 in each section).  My twists will air dry and I will style my hair like THIS tomorrow.

Final Twist
Mizani Supreme Oil
AsIAm Twist Defning Cream
This was my first time using ALL of these products, will tell you what I think after several uses.
Have you used any of these products? What did you think? What do you use and do during your pampering sessions?