Play Up Your Eyes: Easy Eyeshadow Looks


Hola Naturalistas!

Outside of my slight obsession with lipstick, one of my favorite makeup products is eye shadow.  Eye shadow has always amazed me because it can bring pop to your eyes and take your everyday look into sexy and sultry.  When I first began using eye shadow, it was very much trial and error.  Much of what I learned came from watching makeup artists practice and then taking the time to recreate the looks at home.

Well, a lot has changed when it comes to eye shadow over the years and companies like Wet ‘n Wild have made creating eye shadow looks easy and affordable.  One of my favorite eye shadow palettes from Wet ‘n Wild is an eight shade palette called Comfort Zone, which can be found at Walgreens or CVS.  This palette is priced at $4.99 and packs a whole bunch of awesomeness inside.  (I dare say it is a must-have!)  It’s awesome because it gives you the opportunity to create looks with ease.  It is a neutral range with colors ranging from peach to dark greens.

The left side of Comfort Zone creates a nice daytime look while the right side creates a darker evening look.  By following the descriptions on each shade, you can create both looks with ease.

This palette is great for beginners and/or anyone in search of lasting, pigmented colors.  Also, enclosed are shadow applicators.  I prefer to use E.L.F’s eye shadow brush, which applies more precisely.

Using the left side of the palette, the day time look (above) was created.  This look is perfect for work or any casual, daytime event.

Using the right side of the palette, the evening look (above) was created.  With this sultry look, it is perfect for date night or an evening on the town.

Wet ‘n Wild has truly mastered the art of makeup with ease.  With the affordable prices and amazing quality, it’s no wonder they are my favorite drugstore brand.

Have you ever tried Wet ‘n Wild eye shadow?

Stay beautyful!