Poll: Common Mistakes Women With Natural Hair Make


Natural Hair is all over the news these days!

Check out what Vibe Vixen says are the 5 common mistakes of natural hair

“Most women who transition from relaxed to natural hair haven’t dealt with their unaltered texture since childhood, thus having to learn how to manage their hair from scratch. The task can be daunting especially when one considers the myriad of products available and the lack of adequate natural hair salons. Natural hair bloggers and experts like Afrobella, Curly Nikki and Love Brown Sugar are a great resource but even with instruction, you are bound to make a few mistakes on your journey. We’ve rounded up the top five faux paux that naturals make in caring for their hair and what you can do to avoid them.”

The 5 Most Common Mistakes are … (drumroll please)

1. Avoiding a Trim
2. Not Detangling
3. Choosing the wrong products
4. Washing your Hair too Often
5. Using too Much Heat

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