Product Review: Butterfly Beaute Lemon Sugar Créme Daily Moisturizing Balm


Product Name: Butterfly Beaute Lemon Sugar Créme Daily Moisturizing Balm
Price: $15
Size: 8 oz

Product Description:
Too yummy to be true! Experience the amazing blend of wholesome natural oils, Aloe Vera Juice, Virgin Coconut and Sweet-Lemon scent made almost entirely of organic ingredients. Infused with silk amino acids to help skin relieve the appearance of wrinkles and sun damage.

Organic virgin coconut crème, aloe vera juice, organic essential oils, vitamin E, and silk amino acid.

My Experience:
I’ve used this skin moisturizer on my body whenever I felt my skin was dry, after showering, and as a hand moisturizer throughout the day.

The fragrance was very light and was reminiscent of lemon cookies.

Lemon-Sugar-Creme1 Results:
I was expecting this product to be a lot thicker and to provide a little more moisture because of the word “balm” used in the product name. It was definitely more like a crème or lotion than a balm. I found that it did not penetrate the dry areas as much as I would have liked it to, like my elbows and soles of my feet. I got much better results when I used the product as soon as I got out of the shower. Since I work at a hospital, I’m constantly washing my hands throughout the day, and I found that this product kept my hands moisturized without having an overpowering scent like some hand lotions do. It also did not leave my skin greasy.

This product does moisturize, but it is not an intense, deep moisturizer. My skin quickly absorbed the product without leaving a greasy feeling.

While the product is made mostly of organic ingredients, which is probably the reason behind the price, I personally found this product too expensive. I feel that I could get products at my local Target or Walgreens that also use mostly organic ingredients for a better price.

Final Thoughts:
I did enjoy this product, and will continue to use it strictly as a hand lotion until it is gone. I loved the lemon sugar scent, and silk amino acid are perfect for use on the hands to keep them looking young. However, I would probably not purchase this product as I have easy access to similar products at better prices. If this product was at my local Target and had provided more intense and deeper moisture, I think I would repurchase it as I do prefer using products that have mostly natural and/or organic ingredients.

Have you tried it? What did you think?