Product Review: Coconut Khijo Cream


Product Name:  Coconut Khijo Cream
Price:  $16.95
Size:  4 oz.

Product Description:  Natural Ingredients, Makes Hair Shine & Hydrates and Revitalizes Skin and Hair.

Ingredients:  Lanolin, Wax, Honey & Coconut Fragrance

My Experience:  Coconut Khijo Cream arrived in a small, sturdy box and had no damage upon opening.  The container was easy to open and close and had a good amount of product inside.  I chose to try the cream on damp, detangled hair to achieve two strand twists with the end result being a twist out.  The product was extremely thick and difficult to distribute throughout my hair.  Although it was difficult to work throughout my hair, the two strand twists did stay in tact after twisting.

Fragrance:  The coconut fragrance of this product is overwhelming.  I have used a variety of products with a coconut fragrance throughout the past year, and although I am not usually bothered by strong fragrances, this was too much for me.  After three days, the smell of the cream in my hair disappeared.

Results:  After untwisting my two strand twists, my hair was gorgeous!  I loved the super defined curls it gave.  The downfall was that the product was so thick that it left my hair feeling greasy and heavy.  Since the product also stated it could be used on skin, I used it on my feet to soften the skin.  It works great at softening heels.

Price:  When it comes to natural hair products, I always feel that my limit is $10.  With that being said, I think the price is too high for me and may be for many other naturalistas as well.  I have products that have more ounces than this container and cost less.

Final Thoughts:  As much as I loved the results of my twist out, there were too many negatives for me with this product.  Between the overwhelming fragrance to the heaviness of my hair, I wasn’t a happy camper.  I feel like this product would be much more feasible for someone with locs rather than loose, natural hair.  For those who are interested in using the product on loose hair, they do make a wax-free version that may work better for your hair.

To check out this and other Khijo products, visit their website.

Have you tried Khijo Coconut Cream?