Product Review: Sofn’Free; Nothing But Products


Nothing But Clarifying Shampoo 12 oz, $7.99 (purchase)

Product Description: Your journey to a head full of soft bouncy curls or flirty twists starts with this essential first step. Sofn’free GroHealthy’s Clarifying Shampoo contains nothing but honest ingredients that gently remove deep-down dirt and buildup. Use twice a month or whenever your hair needs a clean, beautiful new beginning.
• Dissolves buildup
• Sulfate-free
• Safe for color-treated hair

Nothing But Cleansing Conditioner 16 oz, $8.99 (purchase)

Product Description: It’s the honest-to-goodness truth: The minute you get your curls just right, it’s time to shampoo and start over. But with Sofn’free GroHealthy’s Cleansing Conditioner (Co-Wash) you don’t have to. Using nothing but simple ingredients, it leaves your hair perfectly conditioned and beautifully clean. Yes, at the same time.
• Cleans without suds
• Won’t strip hair
• Gentle enough to use every day
• Use alone or after our Clarifying Shampoo

Nothing But Intense Healing Mask 16 oz, $10.99 (purchase)

Product Description: Be honest. You’ve noticed that your hair is thinner, breaks easily and what’s with all the shedding? Time for Sofn’free GroHealthy’s Intense Healing Mask. Made with nothing but simple ingredients, it penetrates deeply to repair, soothe and smooth damaged, brittle hair.  In no time, your curls will bounce back with renewed health and vigor.
• Repairs weak, fragile hair
• Real help for transitioning

Nothing But Curly Pudding 8.8oz, $7.99 (purchase)

Product Description: Like things wild? Or is tame more your style? Get nothing but styling versatility and control with Sofn’free GroHealthy’s Curly Pudding. Made with honest ingredients, this luxurious styling conditioner lets you do everything from create wash ‘n wear looks to two-strand twists.
•Softens tight curls
•Elongates waves

Nothing But Curl Sealer 8.8 oz, $7.99 (purchase)

Product Description: Set your hair free from frizz, dullness and other foolishness with Sofn’free GroHealthy’s Curl Sealer. Made from nothing but honest ingredients and natural shine enhancers, it instantly adds and seals in moisture, leaving you with a head full of oh-so-gorgeous, radiantly shiny curls.
•Quickly seals in moisture
•Adds shine & smooths frizz
•Gives longer-lasting curl definition

Nothing But Curl Wake Up Spray 8 oz, $7.99 (purchase)

Product Description: Get your curls to rise and shine anytime. Sofn’free GroHealthy’s Curl Wake Up Spray refreshes and revives tired hair in minutes. Made from nothing but honest ingredients and virtually weightless natural shine boosters, it brings your style beautifully back to life.
• Detangles, conditions, shines
• Invigorates your curls

Nothing But Mold & Hold Wax 8.8 oz, $7.99 (purchase)

Product Description: Your natural hair has a mind of its own. But our Mold & Hold Wax lets you gently twist it around your little finger. Use it daily or after shampooing to create and maintain twists, locks or knots. And since it’s made from nothing but honest ingredients, there’s nothing flaky about it either. 
• Flake-free
• Perfect for twists, locks, knots and braids
• Infused with natural moisturizers

Ingredients: Each product is formulated without the ingredients we naturalistas tend to avoid!

  • No mineral oil
  • No petrolatum
  • No parabens
  • No Colorants
  • No phthalates

My Experience: To stay true to this review I used all products together for a month and a half without doing my usual pre-poo before shampooing or co-washing. I also used some products during my morning and bed routine. I love finding products that the whole family can use, so of course I used the products in my hubbys’ hair and our 4 year old daughter’s hair!

Fragrance: These products smelled great! I’m not a big fan of strong fragrances, so I was happy to open the products and find that the fragrance was a light pleasant citrus aroma. That’s an A+ in my book!

Results: Well if the pictures haven’t told the story, then let me just say that the products are wonderful! The Clarifying Shampoo left my hair clean without drying it out and didn’t leave my daughter’s hair tangled at all, Yea!!!!!! The Intense Healing Mask was a great follow up to the shampoo and I tell you ladies my TWA and my daughter’s dried curls popped out after using this great product. I’m a big co-wash fan and the Cleansing Conditioner didn’t disappoint me. If you’re looking for more slip, wash 75% or less of the product out of your hair for added slip. The Curly Pudding added moisture and definition to my hair and added fullness and extreme definition to my daughter’s hair. I was stopped a few times and asked where I bought her ponytail from, I answered God and Nothing But Products. LMBO!!!!! To avoid crunchy curls wet the hair before applying curly pudding and less is more. The Curly Pudding is also great for two strand twist, my daughter’s favorite style and she was able to maintain the twist for a week by using the Curl Wake Up Spray, the name speaks for itself. The Curl Sealer added to the moisture of our hair and calmed my daughter’s unruly frizz. I also used the Mold and Hold to the edges of my daughter’s hair to lay down the fly a ways before continuing with the two strand twist.

Moisture: None of the products dried the hair in my family out. I would say that the Intense Healing Mask and the Curly Pudding were great for added moisture as well as the Curl Sealer b/c it reduced frizz which adds to overall dryness.

Price: I think the items are affordable and will definitely last throughout the month. As I said before I used the products for a month and half in addition to using them on my daughter’s hair and I still have product left. Remember that less is definitely more, when you have quality products you don’t have to use the whole container.

Final Thoughts: If you haven’t noticed, I love these products! I must say I have three favorites from this line and they are the Curly Pudding, Intense Healing Mask and the Cleansing Conditioner. Overall this is a great line for the whole family, so go to your local Rite Aid or Nothing But website and you’ll find out why it’s HONEST HAIR CARE!

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