Push Your Wash Day Back With These Tips To Stretch Your Hairstyle

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Okay, so the time has now come to take out that hairstyle that you’ve been rocking for the last two weeks. Now, here’s the thing, you need to take the hairstyle down, but you’re not quite ready for wash-day. Well that’s no problem, here are a few tips that will help you to stretch the length of your hairstyle, by allowing you to get additional looks out of that hairstyle.

Rock A Twist Out

Alright, so you’ve just finished the process of taking down your hairstyle of a few weeks. With your hair now out and stretched, presents the perfect opportunity to rock a twist out. Simply apply a twisting cream to hair, and twist the hair into medium-to-large size two-strand twists, apply a scarf and you can call it a night. The next day, unravel the twists, apply some oil to your hair, and there you have a twist out, and an entirely new look. To ensure longer wear, be sure to re-twist the hair every night before bed and unravel in the morning. The twist out alone can provide an additional week of wear for your hairstyle that just days before, you thought was completely over.

Create A Bun

Creating a bun is another great tool in helping to re-invent an already worn hairstyle. With the bun, you can simply add some leave-in conditioner or a moisturizing cream to the hair, apply some gel to the edges and back of the hair, and from there, brush the hair into a low ponytail. Next, pin the hair under, forming a bun. Also, a bun holder is a great tool to use to help shape the bun. This bun hairstyle can provide you with another week of wear for your hair; every few days, you may need to take the bun a loose and brush any fly-aways down, as well as apply additional cream to the hair. With the bun you get to wear your hair in a pulled back style, and better yet, you get the chance to create an entirely new hairstyle, all while fending off wash-day.

Wear A Puff

The puff is a quintessential go-to hairstyle because it is simply fail-proof; especially since all you need is a hair band to create this look. The puff is a great hairstyle for times when the hair is on its last leg, especially when up until this point, it had been previously styled into several different hairstyles. Simply, pull the hair together and apply a hair band to the hair, the puff can be worn high on the head or low. The most amazing part of the puff is that it can be done in a matter of minutes and it can be formed every morning before you head out for the day. So it requires no prep the night before, that’s always a win in my book.

Reduce The Use Of Too Many Heavy Hair Products

Another tip for stretching out your hairstyle is to reduce the use of heavy products on your hair, especially products that leave a heavy residue. Heavy products or products that are very thick, can weigh the hair down. So when using these products, try to use them sparingly and to not apply more than what’s needed to the hair, I know it can be hard not to use a lot of product, but using just the right amount of product is key to lengthening the time between wash-days. In addition, often times, products that are heavy in nature can leave a residue and cause extra buildup, which makes it a bit challenging to create an entirely new hairstyle.

Make Sure Your Hair Is De-tangled

Even in stretching your hairstyle, it is important to ensure that your hair is de-tangled, especially between styles. Simply, take a few minutes out after taking down each style to detangle your hair. By your hair being de-tangled, it makes it easier to transition from one style to the next. Also, by ensuring that the hair is properly de-tangled, helps make the future wash day process a lot easier, which is right around the corner.

So the next time that you’re left scratching your head trying to come up with ways to stretch that hairstyle that’s on it’s last leg, consider one of these tips to get you another few weeks of wear, and help you in delaying the dreaded wash-day routine.