Reinvent Your Knit Sweater Dress With A Vest

When the weather gets crisp and I’m forced to dress warm I pull out my knit sweater dress.  It’s warm and causal but chic at the same time.   The sweater dress is all about comfort providing a touch of femininity through detailed texture. While in Washington DC for my Let’s Talk Mom2Mom Beauty Conference, I wore a Jolie & Jade ivory knit sweater dress and paired it with a Jolie & Jade belted denim sleeveless jacket.  This is a look that every woman of any shape can pull off.


The denim vest is a must have piece. Denim creates a sense of youthfulness and playfulness to any outfit.  It’s ability to be dressed up or down makes it a staple in everyone’s wardrobe.


Theres nothing I love more than a statement necklace to bring my outfit together.

Women's Plume by FarylRobin Josephine Leather Side Tassel Tall Boots When you’re going to be on your feet for hours or out of the house for most of the day you need to wear comfortable shoes.  I went with a brown suede boot from Target to complete this look.

To see how this all came together enjoy my outfit of the day video above.