Renew Your Skin With Pumpkin


We’re in the the thick of fall and depending on where you live it may already feel like winter–not cool (no pun intended). As we keep ourselves warm with fluffy sweaters, cozy scarves, and yummy pumpkin lattes I’ve found something that your skin will love too this season. What’s even better — it’s pumpkin!

DID YOU KNOW?  Each little pumpkin seed packs the power of zinc, vitamin E, and essential fatty acids to control oil and keep skin clear.


Your body isn’t the only thing that can benefit from a massage. Let your face in on the action with the glow-unleashing power of Renewed. Each time you lather up with this facial cleanser, pumpkin infuses the skin with Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Zinc, and Vitamins A and C, while walnut powder unleashes its talent as a tiny masseuse with gentle exfoliation. Together, these key ingredients send flakey, dry skin packing, and reveal a fresh glow that will have everyone wondering if you snuck out to the spa during lunch. Get it at Feel Beauty, $28.

Try it out and tell us what you think!