Rescue Your Bad Hair Day


What you can do to rescue a bad hair day

Everyone’s had a bad hair day. You wake up, and realise that your hair is sticking out in all directions, or that it’s become flat and greasy overnight. If you don’t have the time in the morning to wash and dry your hair before you go to work, you face a day of feeling self conscious and uncomfortable. There are some simple approaches that you can try, however, to improve a bad hair day, which range from restyling, to adding some low residue product that can tame the frizz and ensure that you’ve got one less thing to worry about.

Dry Shampoos

A good solution if you’re in a hurry, dry shampoos can be sprayed through hair, and remove any oils and built up product that you want to get rid off before you head out for the day.

Use a Water Spray

While containing the risk of being greasier than a dry shampoo, a water spray can help with flat hair. Simply spray a small amount onto your roots, flip your hair, shake it out, and then flip it back up to add some volume.

jessie-adore-beanie-hat-natural-hair-new Hats

Ok, this is a bit of an easy option, but wearing a hat can be a good idea if you just need to keep your hair under wraps on your commute. Another option is to wear a light scarf wrapped around your hair, or a headband.

Putting Your Hair Up and Braiding

If you have long hair, then tying it back into a ponytail is one of the best default solutions you can rely on for a bad hair day. Clips and headbands can also be added to keep your hair out of your eyes. You can also braid longer hair with pins to make it look more formal.

Shining Serum

A good serum is worth investing in if you want to deal with frizz in the mornings. Serums that don’t contain silica, and are primarily natural in origins, can be used to smooth down your hair, as can leave in conditioners. A small amount will help to protect your hair from dryness and damp, particularly in the colder months.

Other Solutions

In terms of general hair maintenance, you should be wary about not washing dry hair too much when the weather is colder to avoid frizz. Similarly, check with your hairdresser about which shampoo and conditioner is best for your hair type, and get regular trims to keep your hair in shape. Using detoxifying shampoos that reduce product build up in your hair is also recommended, as is avoiding too much straightening. Overnight, try sleeping on satin pillows rather than cotton to reduce static friction. In general, though, it’s best to avoid a lot of product as a solution, as this can often result in residue and greasy hair. Trying these simple solutions first should at least give you some options for keeping your hair in place for the day. They might not always work depending on how severe your bed head is, but when combined with a good maintenance routine can save you a lot of trouble.

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