Senegalese Twists Hair Guide – Everything You Need To Get Started & Maintain

Senegalese Twists

Senegalese twists are one of the flyest natural hair protective styles out there.  Not to take away from our favorite box braided styles  senegalese twists offer a fresh new take on the protectives style.  Senegalese twists are a good protective style option because not only they will protect your natural hair, but also make you look stunning! Also, they are very versatile so you’ll be able to experiment with different gorgeous styles on a daily basis.

Senegalese twists (or rope twists) will keep your natural hair healthy without sacrificing your style. This protective hairstyle is a good choice for women who want to take a break from styling solutions that include heat and chemical ingredients. Blogger Jessica of MahoganyCurls gives us all the styling support we need to install, style, wash, take the Senegalese twists out.

HOW TO| Prep and Install Senegalese Twists

Hey guys! Today I will show you how I installed my Senegalese Twists. This video will show how I prepped my hair for the twists and I will also have a detailed explanation of the process after the tutorial. This is my first time installing the twists in my hair by myself and I have to say I am happy that I gave it a try. I hope this tutorial is helpful!

HOW TO| Style Senegalese Twists

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HOW TO| Shampoo & Condition Senegalese Twists

HOW TO| Remove Senegalese Twists