SheaMoisture Hair Care Color System: “The Art of Color”


At the beginning of this year, SheaMoisture announced the release of their NEW Hair Color System and the girls went crazy!!!

SheaMoisture is never short of perfection and I am so excited that they have created a healthier option for color care.  Their color system is an amonia-free hair color with natural ingredients such as Flax Seed Oil and Certified Organic Shea Butter, to nourish and moisturize hair. The omission of amonia helps to promote the hair of both you and your hair and scalp.

For those transitioning and/or dealing with thin hair, the hair color thickens strands, aids shine and aids in manageability.

While visiting the SheaMoisture factory last month, I was introduced to the boxes of each color and I was in awe of how beautiful the images were! I knew these boxes would stand out amongst all other box colors because they were actual hand paintings of ethnic women.  The box art was created by artist Michael Jamal, who SheaMoisture commissioned to do a water color for each hair color shade. Each box is an actual original water color painting done by Michael.

SheaMoisture’s Creative Director Jullanar Barron set out to make the hair color artful and a way to express yourself through hair color. Jullanar said,

“I want women to see themselves in the hair color box art, not a heavily Photoshopped and made-up model, who doesn’t speak to our individuality, beauty and personality.”

SheaMoisture’s Hair Color System creatively connects personal style with contemporary art. Just as art speaks to us in different ways, through different medium and technique, so can you. Your hair color and style is personal…as naturally as possible

I know everyone has a lot of questions. Let’s get down to the nitty gritty.

Is it Natural?

While there is NO such thing as a “natural” permanent” hair dye, this is definitely a healthy and safe option for coloring your hair because it is a moisture-rich, permanent HAIR COLOR SYSTEM with natural and certified organic ingredients for any hair type. There is NO AMMONIA and NO SULFATES.

Will it Dry my Hair Out?

SheaMoisture fused their knowledge of natural and certified organic healing ingredients with safe science, insights from top salon professionals and years of listening to real women. This color delivers healthy nutrients that minimize damage while delivering superior hydration, exceptional manageability and brilliant sheen.

This system is enriched with the following natural ingredients:
Organic Shea Butter Provides moisture to damaged hair from roots to tip. Promotes healthy, shiny hair.
Soy Protein Helps strengthen hair by replenishing lost protein.
Flaxseed Oil Enhances shine and dimension.
Organic Glycerin Aids in moisture retention.

How Well Does it Work?

I am asked all the time about what can be used to cover gray and this system is it! It covers gray and lifts color two shades, however will not lighten hair many shades such as dark brown to light blonde.

Now we all know that results will vary right, so keep that in mind when using any color.  Below you can see before and after pics from one of our CurlFriends. She used the SheaMoisture Light Auburn system and transformed her hair from a dark brown/black to a rich warm shiny red!

screen-shot-2013-02-08-at-8.53.02-pm-300x187 screen-shot-2013-02-08-at-8.53.44-pm-300x187


BEFORE COLOR                                                           AFTER COLOR


Check out her video below to see how our CurlFriend applied the color and more details of what is in the box!

What Colors are Available?

Light Blonde
Medium Golden Blonde
Dark Golden Blonde
Light Brown
Medium Brown
Dark Brown
Medium Chestnut Brown
Light Auburn
Bright Auburn
Dark Auburn
Jet Black
Soft Black

Price? What’s in it?

Each Hair Color System kits costs $14.99 and  includes:

Radiant Color Crème
Radiant Color Developer
Professional Latex-Gloves
Salon Application Brush
Raw Shea Moisture Retention Shampoo
Raw Shea Restorative Conditioner
Raw Shea Reconstructive Finishing Elixir

Where can I get it?

Now available at and 400 select Target stores throughout the U.S. Click here to view the list of locations near you!