SheaMoisture Peace Rose Oil Complex Collection Tutorial + Review

SheaMoisture peace rose oil complex
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I’ve heard amazing things about using Rose in your hair and body products.  From treating acne to healing sore throats and relieving depression symptoms, the floral remedy has been revered for centuries.   Some of the benefits of using rose in your hair included rich antioxidants and my favorite benefit of all—moisturizing!

Given all the many benefits of Rose why have I not made a better effort to find products with this miracle ingredient!?  As someone who is often lurking in the natural hair section I’ve not noticed many products made for natural with Rose, until now…

The SheaMoisture Peace Rose Oil Complex Collection is made with a blend of Alpine, Damask and Musk Rose Oils that soften hair and skin making this collection great for dry natural hair. I had the opportunity to use the shampoo and conditioner from this collection and I really enjoyed myself.

Tune into my wash with me video for a full demo of how I shampood and conditioned my natural hair using the SheaMoisture Peace Rose Oil Complex shampoo and conditioner.  The shampoo cleans well with a low lather, requiring two shampoos. The conditioner is frothy and has great slip!  As you can see form the video my comb glides right through my hair.