Skincare Routine for Black Women


Whether you have dry skin or oily skin, acne prone skin or eczema, it is important to have a reliable skincare routine.  As black women, we are fortunate that our skin is filled with collagen which keeps our skin elasticated and firm.  This explains why we tend to look younger than the age on our driver’s license. However, there is no better insurance for the skin on your face than a tried and true skincare.

The products you choose are determined based on your skin type. Retailers like Ulta Beauty offer an array of options like natural skincare or Korean skincare.  There are affordable options and products from luxury brands that would cost you a pretty penny.  Now, before you decide on which products to buy, you’ve got to know what you need! Steps 1-6 should be done each morning.  In the evening, replace steps 5 and 6 with step 7. In other words, your nighttime routine will be a bit shorter.

Here is a list of steps for you to follow and 3 top products for you to try!