Spring Colors I’m Scoping


Spring is here and there are a bunch of nail polish colors that are catching my eye.  I’ve always been a fan of pinks because I find them to be so feminine.  But my eyes are scoping a few new colors and shades.

I don’t think I’ve ever worn a green polish, not even for St. Pattys day. But this pastel green is perfect for spring and is catching my eye.  It’s soft enough to wear to work and it’s pretty enough to grab the eyes of those that are near.

What a cute purple! Doesn’t it just scream Spring?  I can see the cute Spring/Summer dresses that will complement this color. Oh! and this color will look so fierce on my toes!

Now this one is the most daring for me, because my skin tone is a dark chocolate brown and oranges don’t usually complement me. But this shade is really attractive to me.  This will make a statement for sure.

Are you into polish? What are your favorite shades?

What Spring colors are you scoping?