Step Your Selfie Game Up, Sis!


Click, click, click… just think of the continuous camera shutter famously heard in the scene transitions on Scandal.  Remember that show? A throwback, I know.

Moving on.

If you’re anything like me, you take 20-50 pictures of the same makeup look and outfit to then spend 1 hour sorting through and editing the best ones. But, in the meantime, stick with me while I break it down for you. Perhaps you take 100 pictures and delete every last one of them because you hate the way they came out. Then you scroll on Instagram and lament over how bomb everyone else’s selfies look in comparison to yours. Well, let me help you solve this issue. Whether you hate selfies or are running out of photo storage on your phone, I promise you want to keep reading!  There are 6 key reasons why you’re probably frustrated with the selfies you take.

Tip #1: Angles


You need to hit the right angles! Three of my favorite angles are:

  • Angle 1 – camera held high and head angled downward,
  • Angle 2 – Looking away and laughing (this can be done with the camera held high or below your chin).
  • Angle 3 – looking away, but the camera is rotated 180 degrees to look a little different.

Try it out, you just may find that it works for you! Remember practice makes perfect, so practice your poses so that when you’re ready to take a picture, you know how to position your face, neck and shoulders.

Tip #2: Lighting


Where you take your pictures is important. Why? Because you need to ensure that the light is hitting your face. The key is that the light must be on your face, not behind you. If you’re standing outside, ensure that the sun is on your face. Oh, and remember to tap your phone to make sure that you’re in focus — blurry pictures are not going to get a double tap sis! This tip goes for pictures taking inside, as well.  Do you notice the subtle difference (lighting) in the pictures above? The key here is that a well-lit face is much more flattering!

Tip #3: Your Pose

You may be wondering what the difference is between the angle and the pose.  Don’t worry, I’ll explain! The angle refers to how you hold your camera or phone. Now your pose that’s all about how you position yourself – face, shoulders, hands, etc. Confused? In the words of Lauryn Hill “Let me break it down for you a bit…”Think of it this way, let’s say your favorite pose is with your head tilted slightly to the left with a soft smile. You can hold this pose while changing the angle of your phone. You can also hold the camera in one angle and each time you snap but move your pose – head left, head right, eyes down with smile, eyes open looking away with closed mouth — when you work your angles and pose just right it’s pure magic!

If you want to slay your selfie, pose in a way that’s most flattering for you. Angle your camera up to make your face look slimmer (referring to the angle, again). Then give the camera a “Tyra-smize” if you’re going for a flirty look (referring to your pose).  You may choose to part your lips, smile, keep a straight face, look down, look directly at the camera, and more. The options are endless. Below are a few examples of the same pic, with three poses that have just a subtle difference to them.

Once you’ve figured out a few poses that work for you, stick with them! There’s no need to reinvent the wheel.

Tip #4: Clean Your Camera Lens

Before taking any photos with your cell, you absolutely must use a Qtip and clean the lens. If you’re out and about, wipe your lense on the underside of your shirt or dress. Why? You’d be surprised to know how much bacteria and oil gets stuck on your camera from placing the camera to your ear to talk.  The bacteria and oil on your camera lens means your photo is going to come out blurry. You don’t want that to happen!

Tip #5: Editing

Who doesn’t edit their pictures these days?! Come on sis not even a little? Whether you edit a little or a lot, do you! But, these days, you’d be remiss if you haven’t figured out the blessing that is Facetune. You can use Facetune to whiten the white part of your eyes, your teeth, smooth skin imperfections, add detail to your eyeshadow and much more! Even if you just edit to make a dark photo brighter it will make a huge difference in the quality. Want to know what apps I use to edit, check out this YouTube Video.

Tip #6: Confidence

Taking a bomb selfie is impossible unless you believe in yourself. You’ve got to have confidence, even if you have to pretend until it feels natural! Take your pics when no one is around (if you’re shy) and channel your fun-loving alter-ego in order to slay the pic, sis. Without confidence, your selfie won’t be the best that it can be.

Which of these tips is the most surprising to you – one that didn’t even occur to you until just now? I want to hear from you!