Stimulate Your Growth!

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Hey Naturalistas!

Do you want your hair to grow at a rapid speed? I know how it is when you’re transitioning to natural and want your hair to quickly grow so you can chop off those relaxed ends.  Or after you’ve done the big chop and you’re anxiously awaiting your hair to grow so you can rock a twist out. Well instead of buying excessive products that claim to make your hair grow, stick those ten fingers in your beautiful hair for a stimulating scalp massage. I know how much we love massages ladies!

Why Massage Your Scalp?

Scalp stimulation is an important key to great hair care but many times it is over looked. Just by simply using the tips of your fingers you can stimulate blood circulation in the scalp, which will cause blood to flow to the roots of your hair, delivery oxygen and nutrients, allowing the hair follicles to produce hair more quickly. The rubbing motion also, increases relaxation, decreases stress, conditions the scalp and boosts the strength of hair roots. The best part about it ladies, is that it only takes five minutes for a great stimulating scalp massage.

How Do I Massage My Scalp?

First start by using a carrier oil such as coconut oil, grape seed oil, or jojaba oil, these oils promote hair growth and thickness.  You can also add some essential oils to your carrier oils for even more TLC.   You can apply these oils to your fingers or directly to the hair.

Next, start at the front of the head using all ten fingers in a circular motion, working your way around the entire head.

Now concentrate on each section of the scalp (Front, Left Side, Right Side and Back) separately, using the same circular motion as before.

Next place your fingers firmly on your scalp and rub vigorously. Cover the entire scalp in this manner as well. Now you’re all Done!

I massage my scalp daily and have added it to the end of my nightly moisturizing routine. Have fun with it ladies, have your hubby or boyfriend to massage your scalp, I know I do! Wink, Wink!

Happy Journey Curlfriends!

Have you tried scalp massages?

What were your results?