Strengthen Your Mind Body And Soul With Yoga

Yoga group

Yoga is a practiced used to connect the mind, body and spirit. When most people look at yoga they only see the body moving into and holding different poses. Which is why many attribute yoga to exercise or simply just stretching. What many people fail to see is that the body is simply just moving, but it is the mind that is really at work. Think of yoga as exercise for the mind. Strengthening your mind body and soul.

Yoga has taught me the importance of the breath when life pulls you back use that connection of mind and body to inhale and drive forward. Facing your problems right in the eye. Trusting yourself to bend but never break. For balance is key and with it comes strength. Exercise teaches you how to be strong enough to lift twice your size while yoga teaches you how to stay grounded.

Here I am posing with a guest.

Here I am posing with a guest.

I invited women to walk out of their comfort zones, open their minds and unlock their hearts to explore the concepts of Self love and Yoga. On August 27th in New York City, LiveNaturallyLove presented Live In Love With Yogi a Self Love Yoga Class/Workshop.

yoga group pose

With a room filled with 15 young women, the room was quiet as the ladies were deep within their minds. Not a sound! This was groundbreaking for many as it was the first time they wasn’t afraid of silence. Many of us are scared of the silence because it screams out our insecurities, as it leaves us alone with our thoughts.  It was amazing to learn the importance of the breath and how to use it to get over our fears. Challenging the ladies to get into and hold new and difficult poses, with the support of their fellow yogi the women learned the importance of friendship. Learning the simple truth that “you are not alone” was needed for many. We go through life trying to do everything on our own. Sometimes we need to love and support from others. We learned that asking for help doesn’t make us weaker it makes us stronger.

self love

Through Yoga I have learned to take the time to experience all emotions, always moving through them. Emotions gives us the wisdom the understand ourselves and we should be afraid to explore them all. Through this practice you will learn there is no such thing as failure but there is growth. It will be painful but completely worth it for, growth is an amazingly beautiful thing.

Everyone can practice and benefit from yoga. You don’t have to be flexible, there are no requirements. You just have to be willing. Yoga helps reduce stress, body image, self-esteem, self-awareness and most importantly happiness. Everyone can benefit from yoga, all you have to do to get started it open your mat and open your heart.

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This was an amazing workshop and class. All that attended open their hearts and mind explored within themselves. The women left the class with a better awareness and understanding of themselves. It was an unique experience for all! No matter your shape or size. I appreciate all that came to show love and support.

If you’re interested in learning more about my yoga journey please enjoy my video below.