Stretching Natural Hair With Rubber Thread

Stretching Natural Hair With Rubber Thread 3

Have you ever suffered from heat damage?  I’ve heard one too many horror stories of how damaging heat can be to our hair and that’s enough to keep me from using heat.

But Jenell, I want the option of wearing my hair straight without the damage, what can I do?

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I found this great video by blogger Sola of Discovering Natural using African Thread to stretch your hair without any heat what so ever.  This method won’t get your hair pin straight so honestly, it’s not going to be a substitute for a flat iron, but it does stretch your hair a lot more than air drying.  If you’re someone who prefers to blow dry your hair before twisting or braiding, this method is a great substitute for you.

African Threading can be done with various types of thread such as fabric, wool, or weave thread but her favorite is rubber thread.  Sola gets her rubber threads from Nigeria, but you can find some at any craft store or at Pepperell Rexlace Plastic Craft Lace.

Have you ever used threading as a stretching option for your natural hair? What were the results.