The Any Oil in Your Kitchen Treatment


Stop what you’re doing and go check what oils you have in your kitchen.  Almost, any oil you use to cook your food can also be good for your hair. Beware Vegetable oil though, it has a ridiculous amount of triglycerides which is no bueno for your hair.  But pretty much almost all other oils already in your kitchen are game. So, grab canola oils, extra virgin olive oils, and unrefined coconut oils and let’s get to giving your strands what they need. Feel free to use one oil or mix them together for even more benefits.

benefits-of-olive-oil Extra Virgin Olive Oil

EVOO is one of the most common household oils. Its delicious, nutritious and high in antioxidants.  When used in your natural hair, this oil has antifungal and antibacterial properties to it. It naturally promotes scalp health and works to correct issues such as dandruff and dry scalp. This oil is most beneficial in the cooler seasons due to the dry and crisp weather, but it can be used year around. Apply Olive Oil to your hair from root to tip for a quick style finish.

Unrefined Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is quickly becoming another household staple because is has tremendous benefits. This is my favorite oil, hands down because it protects the protein in your natural hair and it penetrates the hair shaft quickly, which makes sealing moisture easy. Use it as a sealant during your moisturizing routine. On freshly washed sectioned hair, apply your leave in conditioner, then apply coconut oil to your hair from root to tip, and finish with your moisturizing butter.

Canola Oil

Canola Oil is another great oil for dandruff and dry scalp oil. It keeps your hair moisturized and leaves your hair soft and manageable. It also promotes in healthy hair growth and can be used before your hair care regimen for a pre-poo. Use it as a hot oil treatment by adding coconut oil to your wet hair from root to tip and then cover for 10-30 minutes. Follow up with a shampoo and conditioner.


You can mix all 3 oils together for a monthly hot oil treatment. Try this easy oil mix, In a large cup mix ¼ cup Olive Oil, ¼ Coconut, and ¼ Canola Oil together. Apply to wet hair from root to tip and then cover for 10-30 minutes. Follow up with your favorite shampoo and conditioner.

Share with us! Which household oils do you use in your natural hair?

This article was cowritten by NaturallyNex