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SheaMoisture Hair Holiday Kit Coconut and Hibiscus

For Your Always On The Go Curl-friend

The As I Am Coils and Curls Travel Pack 3oz

Price: $20.99

*Can be found at Target in-store & online.

The As I Am Coils and Curls Travel Pack offers a fantastic introduction to As I Am products for newcomers and functions as a great hair care travel kit for tried and true As I Am fans. This natural hair kit includes six different products designed to nurture and style your natural texture. Coconut CoWash is a light, no-suds cleanser that gently removes residue and product buildup for clean, detangled hair that’s ready to be styled. The leave-in conditioner makes hair shinier, softer, more manageable and acts as a great foundation for natural styling. Hydration Elation Intensive Conditioner moisturizes deep within the hair shaft for smooth, strong and repaired hair. The Curling Jelly defines coils and curls, minimizes frizz, reduces shrinkage and makes your curls buoyant and bouncy. The Twist Defining Cream is specially formulated for highly textured hair and gives great definition to twists and twist outs. Last, but certainly not least, the DoubleButter Cream locks in moisture and makes dull, dry hair soft, shiny and manageable.