The Emotional Side of Natural Hair, Its More Than Just Hair


When we decide to go natural, we are consciously deciding to embrace our natural hair and subconsciously deciding to accept our true selves. Meaning, we are making the choice to be independent of all external sources of “beauty” by showing the world who we really are and relieving ourselves of permed strands for kinky tresses. We are deciding to let go of the fear of not being accepted and deciding to embrace our true-selves. These are some of the key components of self-love.

Natural Hair is More about Self-Love than Actual Hair

When we embark on a natural hair “journey” we have to change our mindset, lifestyle, and behavior. We have to change our mindset from believing that in order to be beautiful we have to have a certain body type, have a certain skin tone, and have our hair look a certain way. We have to believe that we are still beautiful without our indian-remy, no shed, no tangle, twenty-two inch long extensions. While changing what we look like outside we are transforming who we are inside. We are adjusting our busy lifestyle to focus more time on ourselves. We begin to invest in ourselves by dedicating our time into nurturing our hair. This lifestyle and mindset influence our behavior and we have to be patient and self compassionate towards ourselves. We change our interpretations of things; what we once declared as “ugly” are now considered to be beautiful! Through our natural hair journey we begin to see the beauty within our true selves.

Self Commitment is a Must

In order to be successful in your natural hair journey self-commitment is required. You have to be committed to yourself and have your own sense of self discipline to achieve your natural hair goals. Trusting yourself is an important part of self-commitment. Not only do you have to trust in yourself to stay committed to your goals, you also have to believe that you have the ability to accomplish said goals. For example, imagine you are in a committed relationship, you trust this partner with your heart and you believe that this person will and make you feel beautiful. This person will invest, support and believe in you, as well as challenge you to be a better person.This person will nurture you and love you for who you are; now imagine this person is YOU. This is you embarking on your natural hair journey. Your self-commitment begins to trickle down into your mindset, lifestyle, and behavior. Our natural hair journeys gives us the courage to embark on more journeys! We set forth on fitness journeys, healthy lifestyles, fearless journeys, shamelessness, seeking positivity, and challenge ourselves to do more because we believe that we can! Within the online natural hair community I’ve seen women start through their natural hair journeys and begin weight loss journeys and start their own businesses successfully using the confidence found from their hair journey.

Confidence is Key

Confidence is key. You need to be daring, bold, and courageous to go against societies definition of beauty. You need confidence to go natural in order to be your own solid foundation. Society will tell you your hair is “nappy” and “ugly”, and unfortunately your family and those closest to you may tell you worst. With a solid foundation of who you are nothing can bring you down. You need to know who you are and love and accept it to keep your head and twist out high! The journey of natural hair influences us to be patient with ourselves, invest in ourselves, and believe in ourselves. But most importantly it teaches us to love ourselves.