The No Heat Solution to Straighten Hair


One of my loves shared a video with me of a woman by the name of Kelechi Anderson Bradley from Humble, TX who has created a product called The CWK Straightening Plates. This product promises to straighten even the kinkiest of natural hair textures with absolutely no heat (even though she uses heat in the video, we’ll get to that in a second).

The CWK Plates are designed to be used on curly, wavy and/or kinky hair, and from these 3 textures derives the name Curly Wavy Kinky plates. To use the tool you need to section your hair and pull your hair tightly so that it can lay flat hair and compressed between the two plates.  The designer, Kelechi explains that because the plates are only one layer and are ventilated the drying time isn’t very long. An added bonus to this no heat product is that it is in fact safe to use with heat and this will cut your drying time down even more.

The plates will be sold in various sizes allowing you to use different combinations of plates to accommodate the length of your hair. In order to receive the best results from the CWK plates, you should avoid putting too much hair in each plate. Additionally, I noticed from the video that she used some form of setting lotion on the hair, I know personally that this does support in giving smooth results on natural hair.

In the video above Ms Anderson demonstrates how to use her CWK Plates to straighten natural hair and the results were impressive. My main issue is with the presentation of this video and not even the product itself.  Why did she feel he need to use heat?  I know the’s using a hooded dryer, so technically its indirect heat, but if this is a  HEATLESS tool, using HEAT in the demonstration video really affects the credibility of the product that she claims to be heatless.  As someone who has created hundreds of videos on YT I totally understand the need for a time-lapse in videos in order to move the video along, so believe me, I understand her motive, but the great thing about film is that you can take the time you need an then come back and turn your camera back on and then come back and turn your camera back on. Kelechi should have done this so that we can see what the heatless results in fact look like.

I hate to be so critical because I really believe in what she is doing and I think that it is fantastic that she is making a real effort to fill a void in our natural hair community.  Natural hair is versatile and wearing our hair straight is a styling option that women want you try out.  Every other product and tool that promises silky straight hair requires some addition of heat What I do love about this product is that if used properly this could be the answer to all the hair damage that we women with natural hair suffer from when using heat tools which often fry and break off our hair.  In order for me to be completely sold, I would need to see the heatless trail of this product.

Kelechi Anderson Bradley is asking for support in funding her project, donate here.