The Top 10 Stereotypes Naturalistas Have To Deal With Daily


Woman with kinky curly natural hair smiling

Yup, I’m going there. I’m taking about some of the stupidest, silliest, and downright insulting assumptions that are made about natural haired women. We all get them and what makes it so shamefully sad is that many of these assumptions or stereotypes come from other women, co workers friends and even family members.

There are countless things to say about natural haired women that are positive, polite and perfectly right but if you’ve been natural for a while those comments are not as prevalent as the ones we’ll be discussing. Without further ado here are my top 10 stereotypes that naturalistas have to deal with daily:

Naturals are political rebels

Seriously? We are not all waiting on the revolution to bum rush some white folks and reclaim our freedom? I’m not even feeling this one. Don’t get me wrong, some of us are lost in the struggle against equality as we wear blinders and pretend racism doesn’t exist but to assume if I choose to wear Locs or a fro that I”m down for the cause (whatever that may be) is just silly.

All Naturals are Vegan or Vegetarian

OK, I am a meat loving fiend and me and the pig go way back so if you think I’m giving up ham, bacon or a good juicy burger for some tofu there will be an actual revolution.

How does natural hair automatically indicate that a person is vegan? I’m not even a vegetarian and eat meat with almost every meal and before you judge me remember, I am willing to fight over my right to eat meat, and dairy products.

Natural are tree-hugging fanatics

Lawd, someone stop the madness. I love nature as much as the next person but I am not trying to save the entire planet by myself by swearing off electricity or being one with nature. I hate camping and the thought of sleeping on the ground or even a tent will make me break out in hives.

I don’t even like squirrels! Don’t assume we all belong to PETA and will throw paint on your fur and actually, if I could afford real fur I would be sporting it myself. Again don’t judge me, just keeping it all the way real.

They make all of their own products

I get it, many of us can whip up something for our tresses but that is not the majority. It is kinda obvious that we all do not mix stuff because the beauty and hair isle is FILLED with natural hair products and someone must be buying them.

Not everyone is a mixtress or a DIY’er and wants to deal with creating a deep treatment mask with every item in the kitchen. Product junkism is real ya’ll and some of us are in serious need of some rehab, we definitely are not all up in our kitchens like mad natural hair scientists.

They think natural hair (especially locs) is dirty

This is one that needs to die quickly. I am so tired of people thinking natural hair is dirty or never gets wet. Excuse me? I wet my hair daily and I know many others that do as well, so can we stop this negativity that is swirling around locs and them being dirty?

I have a family member who has to say something negative about a friend of mine every chance they get with the “She could finally find a man if she gets them dirty things out of her hair”. Girl, bye!


Naturals are hair obsessed

Yes, I must admit some of us are, including me but  as I a natural hair blogger I kinda have to be. It’s my thing, my bread and butter but to assume that all or most of the natural hair women running around here have hair on the brain in ridiculous.

There are naturals who you don’t even know are naturals and they never discuss hair in person or on social media so step out of the judgement box and recognize that we aren’t all crazy over some hair.

Naturals think women with relaxers are self-hating

Sting a little? Nobody likes to be judged so please don’t think all naturals are judging you. We know there are women out there who take this natural thing ultra personally and might have that friend who is constantly trying to get you to drink the Natural hair kool-aid and join ‘the club”.

If that is the case I can see why you angry as she calls you everything but a black woman because you wont comply with her unnecessary demands. Believe me when I tell you she is the minority on that one, because we are all too busy working on ourselves so you are beyond safe from that kind of ridicule.

All naturals are just fad-driven

Eww, insulting! It is a fact that natural hair is in the magazines, tv commercials and on the runway. Wigs, weaves and ponytails are even adopting natural textures which might seem like a fad.

But the vast majority of us have decided to make natural hair a lifestyle change which makes it more than just a fad or the thing to do for just a season.

All natural women love neo-soul or reggae

Seriously? Now, don’t get me wrong, I love Neo-Soul but I was all over it and loving it even before I went natural so stop the madness and take a girl out to a techno club every now and then.

Now, as far as reggae, it’s not for me but I am sure it is the same for that genre of music as well, not everyone with locs, rocks out with Bob Marley playing soccer on a Sunday evening.

Natural hair is hard work

Anything that is new to you is going to be hard work at first and if its new there is understandably a learning curve that can be quite fulfilling when you jump over the hump. In my own experience I find my natural hair much easier than my relaxed hair but it took some time for me to figure out what my hair needed and what worked.

No one figured out how to take care of relaxed hair overnight so we can’t expect to learn our natural tresses in a few days either. Natural hair is only hard if we make it hard, the goal is to keep it simple.

Do you have any stereotypes that you deal with daily? Or do I have them all covered?

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