The Two Strand Twist Out for Natural Hair


The Two Strand Twist out commonly referred to as the “twist out” is one style every women with natural hair should have in her tool box. It’s one of the easiests styles to do and a style that doubles as a prerequisite for many other styles that you can wear in your hair. A great benefit of wearing your hair in the two strand twist out is that the style gives most naturals stretched elongated hair while creating a pretty dope texture to your hair.

The twist out can be worn at any length and depending on the width and size of each twist as well as the length of your hair, your twist out can look different at every stage of your journey and looks different on everyone.

The twist out is pretty much the only style I wear and you watch my YouTube Channel I’m sure you can cosign. I love the curly texture it gives to my hair and I also love how easy it is to do. I style my twist out at night, while watching TV and in the morning my hair is ready for the day.





As you can see in these  pictures, my twist outs always look somewhat different.  Sometimes it’s an updo, or just left down to frame my face, or a voluminous chunky twist out.

Below are 3 great tutorials that you can follow to achieve the popular twist out. Don’t be afraid to create small or large twists, this will giving your hair a different look everytime. Playing around with new products can also yield different results.
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If you’re trying every product and doing everything you’ve been taught, but your twist outs still aren’t looking quite right, try following the steps outlined in the video below.

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