These 5 Women Proved 2018 Was The Year Of The Black Woman

Let’s be honest; every year is the year of the black woman. Black women are ethereal. Despite countless societal obstacles specifically designed to oppress, depress and suppress us and our voices we continue to rise above. Black women are global trendsetters, and collectively we are a magically melanated melting pot of intellectuals, activists, creators, thinkers, and doers.

I believe that celebrating the success of other black sisters is an integral component of strengthening our community. Sharing our stories with each other (and the world) serves as a source of inspiration; our community needs to see more images of black women operating and thriving in their purpose. With that in mind, this article was composed to acknowledge the accomplishments of a few phenomenal black women. In 2018 these five women embodied the phrase “2018 was the year of the black woman”.