These 5 Women Proved 2018 Was The Year Of The Black Woman


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My passion for teaching extends into dance instruction. I currently teach at several dance studios in Philadelphia, including Pointe Flex Dance Studio, Pride and Precision Dance School, SNAP Inc.’s Dance Outreach Program, and Philadelphia’s Parks and Recreation Youth Performance Theatre Camp at Waterview Recreation Center. My personal beliefs won’t allow me to separate my passion for dance and love for educating young children. I call myself a “creative” and believe I can share my creativity in both realms.

I do so within Securing Her Experience (SHE), a non-profit for which I serve as the Co-Founder and Director of Programming. In creating a youth leadership development literacy curriculum for girls in grades K-8, I still get to be and think creatively. SHE is devoted to developing girl leaders through literacy and life-changing experiences. SHE is currently in its third year with two sites (Mt. Airy & West Philadelphia); I’m excited about the program’s growth and the development of our girl leaders. The inspiration for SHE came from CDF Freedom Schools’ Program and I serve with them as an Ella Baker Trainer (EBT). Ella Baker Trainers facilitate and model Freedom School’s Integrated Reading Curriculum to young adults from all over the country. I have served in this capacity for the last 3 years and am embarking on my fourth year to continuously learn to educate/ empower on and off the dance floor! My greatest achievement this year was receiving an award for Outstanding Community Service from Forever Young Scholars Inc.; I’m still humbled by it!

When I am able to force myself to put my phone down, I love reading. Currently, I am trying to finish Super Rich by Russell Simmons. I love dancing and singing. In addition, I watch Disney movies a lot. I can recite lines from my favorites like Mulan, Lion King and lately Moana word for word!