These 5 Women Proved 2018 Was The Year Of The Black Woman


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Who is Avery Kelly? (None of your damn business, Just Kidding)

I am a mother, podcaster, inconsistent blogger, connoisseur of connections and a traveling hood philanthropist that shows love to all. That’s a ton of adjective, right? Hold on, there’s more…I’m a native of NYC and the DMV area. I know you are wondering how that’s possible but I’m a unicorn. I was Bronx bred but Maryland raised me. I currently reside in New Jersey and work in NYC at a Men’s fashion company.

2018 was a year of creative endeavors for myself.

Let’s start off with my passion project, Sole of a Hustla Podcast.

* Sole of a Hustla podcast is a bi-weekly podcast where I share the perspectives, truths and success stories of black men. I’m on a mission to change the narrative that is portrayed by the media about Black men. I also want to bridge the gap between black men and women. In between the episodes, I have mini-episodes called “Foot Notes” which is a confessional of sorts about all my thoughts, travel adventures, gift bags items, events and why I selected the person to interview.

Volunteering monthly at two non-profit organizations: End Abuse 4 Good and New York Cares.

* End Abuse 4 Good is committed to breaking the cycle of domestic abuse against teens, women, and children. New York Cares develops and runs 1,500 hands-on, meaningful volunteer projects each month that provide a lifeline of support to vulnerable children, adults, and communities.

Curating The Good Vibes Only Tour events- A positive safe space of like-minded creatives that allows you to be the BEST you. I’ve always wanted to start having events. As corny as this may sound, I had a dream about having a party with a fellow podcaster. The next day, I called him and shared my idea and everything else was history. We had our first party on June 25, 2018 in Dallas, Texas. Let me set the tone for you, we had an open bar, food truck (yes, the food was free) and good vibes all night. It was a huge success and we are working on the next event currently.

Digital Marketing. I was seeking out a few marketers to assist me with bringing brand awareness for The Good Vibes Only Tour events as well as my blog and podcast. After being quoted some outrageous prices I took it upon myself to enroll in a 16-week course for Digital marketing program at General Assembly. I love connecting people hence the earlier adjective, connoisseur of connections. By 2019 I will take on some clients for free to see how well I can do in this digital world.