This Artists Representation Of Black Beauty Is Epic


Monica Ahanonu is an expert in Color Theory, Vector Illustration and Motion Design, having worked full-time as an artist at DreamWorks Animation – most recently on Captain Underpants – and graduating with a B.A. in Animation & Digital Arts from the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts in 2013. She’s been internationally recognized for her design work at Barcelona International FICTS Festival, Art Basel Miami 2016, and will be part of Across Europe With Best Fashion Illustration 2017-2018 Exhibition in Poland.

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If you check out Monica on Instagram there’s no doubt in my mind that you will immediately became a fan of her work. Here are just 20 ways she artistically represents black beauty in her art work.

What Inspires Monica’s Creativity?

“This piece was a sketch that I did while at a fashion event. I was looking for some colorful intense earrings and I decided to draw something up that I wished I could find. I found the sketch a few weeks later randomly and decided to recreate it on the computer and clean it up. The hair is also something that I’d definitely wear if I found those earrings. Or perhaps I would style a fashion shoot as such.” – Monica Ahanonu

“I saw a photo of an image on the AfroPunk instagram and I had been looking for some intense eyeshadow myself so when I saw the photo I had to do a version of it and it was fun to play around with the eyeshadow as if i was trying on the eyeshadows that I was searching for around town.” – Monica Ahanonu

“I watched Queen of Katwe and this moment in the movie just really stuck out to me. I love this emotion that both the mother and child were displaying at this part of the film. It was such beautiful moment.” Monica Ahanonu

“This was originally a sketch that I did in pen at a meeting while I was working at Dreamworks Animation. It started off very very small, and I was in a weird mood that day so I was drawing ladies that looked like divas or kind of sassy and had an attitude because that’s how I was feeling that day. I was in the mood to just take a walk and throw on a fierce outfit and some funky heels. I wanted to be wearing something super intense which I’m not sure if I was or not that day but it was fun to just let out what was in my head/how i was feeling at that” – Monica Ahanonu