Tired of Your Natural Hair? Try Mini Twists for a Much Needed Break

Mini Twists on Natural Hair

Mini twists are the perfect option for a low maintenance style. Ive worn them on and off for 2 months and the free time has been greatly appreciated. The time it takes to install your hair in mini twist will vary from person to person. Shorter natural hair can be faster to install but if you make your mini twists very small like micro twists, they can take up to 8 hours to install. I generally make my twists big enough that I can finish in 2-3 hours.

Some Tips

Use a great moisturizing regimen when instilling your mini twists and you won’t have to moisturize frequently while wearing your mini twists.  You will see the exact products I use in videos 1 and 2.

If you can avoid washing your hair, do so, but as you will see in the second video below, I did wash my hair with a natural cowash and I had no problems.

Keep your mini twists in for 2-4 weeks and then remove. I leave my twists in for 2 weeks, I take them down and wash them, and then I re install them in again.