“Too Tight” and “Fitted” are NOT the Same


Hey Curlfriends!

We are in the age of the “sexy” and “seductive” where video vixens, super models, and celebrities are our ultimate role models. As we idolize who and what we see in the media, we try to replicate it in our own lives. However, too often, we cross that thin line between ‘tight’ and ‘fitted. Do you guys know the difference?

Many items, I walk around seeing women in ill-fitting garments that create unsightly bulges, detract from their natural beauty, and attract negative attention. I am all for flaunting what your mama gave ya and accentuating your curves, but we all have to learn how to do this without compromising our true selves.

Don’t get me wrong, I have worn some tight things in my day. However, everyday, I am trying to work on my self and my discretion.


Take Jill Scott for example.  Though her dress is form-fitting, her body is evened out and there are no bulges or unnecessary ruching.

Here are some tips to distinguish between ‘tight’ and ‘fitted’

1. If you have to squeeze into a garment leave it in your closet or give it away, but DON’T wear it. A fitted garment can be taken on and off with ease, yet fits your body like a glove.

2. Check your back,stomach, arms, and sides. These are the areas you have to pay CLOSE attention to. Is your shirt creating back bulges? Is your stomach overly protruding through or over your bottoms?  Pay close attention to your bodies ladies. It will tell you the difference. In the event that you are wearing a tight garment, use  blazers, cardigans, oversized tops, etc. to help in camouflaging humps and bumps.

3. Remember, just because it comes in your size, doesn’t mean it’s meant for YOUR body. Be fair, yet honest with yourself and evaluate how this garment will negatively and/or positively alter the look of your body.

4. I suggest trying EVERYTHING on. Some things may be cut too narrow or short for your body type, though the tag is labeled with your size. It won’t hurt to run to the dressing room. Too many times have I found things in my “size”which were actually ill-fitting garments aka hot messes.

5.  Tight clothes  will sometimes cut you in half at the midsection, while fitted clothes tend to even you out. If you want to look slimmer, do not wear something that hugs your body. Think of more of a love tap!

Realize that I’m wearing a skirt made from stretch material. However, I camouflage my mid-section with a cardigan that is both stylish, yet useful.  For more photos CLICK HERE!

That’s it naturalistas!
As always, hope that helps!

Are you struggling with the differences between ‘tight’ and ‘fitted’?

What do you think about this topic?

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