Trend Alert: Oranges and Tangerines


Hey Curlfriends,

I hope you enjoyed my article on spring/summer trends. If not, you can read the article HERE. This article included an outfit idea surrounding hot colors for the summer: orange and tangerine. I will use this article to further discuss this trend by giving you more ideas on how to style this trend in the upcoming months. As I previously stated, these colors look exceptional on our complexion and bring out the natural hues in our skin tone. 

Check out the following looks that I’ve come up with. Hopefully, you will find something that matches your style or at least, gives you some ideas of your own.


Wear Colored Top

Casual Orange Trend

I’ve started off with this very simple look because in the summer months, women (and men alike) try to wear as little clothes as possible. This outfit is ideal for a quick run to the mall or grocery shopping. It can also be worn for taking your young child/children to the park for a sunny day out.  This look can also be worn with bermuda shorts, capris, or long jeans. It just depends on your preference ladies!

Wear Colored Pant

Colored Pants are IN!

Colored pants are always a GREAT idea when styled correctly. This is my favorite of all the looks because I enjoy playing with colors and textures. I suggest investing in a cute pair of oxfords. They are a beautiful shoe that can be worn casually or can also be dressed up for a more sophisticated-comfy look. Remember, you can always tame down bright colors by using light colors (such as pastels ) for contrast or black.  Whatever you do, have fun this summer!

Wear Colored Dress

Velvety Lace

Don’t be afraid to wear a fully orange dress. As seen above, you can break up the color by wearing shoes with a contrast color (in this case, purple violet). You can wear different colored accessories as well. I love pairing gold accessories with orange items, but you can also pair these items with silver, black, etc. Play with it and see what you like best.


Wear Colored Shoe

Two In One

If you are having trouble incorporating a trending color into your wardrobe, start with a shoe. A shoe will add the pop of color you are looking for. As previously stated, I LOVE colors so I take every opportunity to block colors. Do you see how I transformed the shoe from a daytime/office look to a night out with the girls or that special someone? The items we buy are so multi-functional. We just have to find ways to fulfill their functions to diversify our looks.

That’s it naturalistas!!
Hope that helps!

Remember, Stay Fabulous!

Are you going to try rocking this trend?