Valentine’s Day Gifts for HIM!


I browsed around the internet and found some great ideas for HIM!

1. Gift Basket

Idea #1 comes from The Daily Dish

Make a gift basket filled with treats he or she especially loves. This does NOT have to be expensive! One year, I went to the dollar store and bought a brand new woven wicker trash can, a silk red rose garland, and every single Reese’s peanut butter cup variation I could find – 12 packs, singles, white chocolate, candy bar interpretations, etc. I went home and arranged everything artfully in the basket, wound the garland round the top, then delivered it Valentine’s Day to my husband’s office as a surprise. I cannot tell you how many women SQUEALED IN DELIGHT!! when they saw me coming. My husband was floored when he came back to find this sitting on his desk. They charge a fortune for this stuff online. DO IT YOURSELF. Just vary the basket filling according to what your significant other likes. Candy bars, snacks, health food, fruit, specialty foods, beer, wine, arts & crafts supplies, beauty supplies, sporting goods, you name it. IT’S ALL GOOD.

2. Watch

Idea #2 comes from Wish a Friend

Is your husband a fashionista? Watches have perpetually been an irresistible buy for every man. Men love wearing luxury designer watches. On Valentines day, get your husband a smart watch that he has been eyeing for quite some time. There are several watches, of different brands to suit your husband’s personality, easily available in the market. Pick one, that is well designed and backed up with a set of useful functions. Each time he looks at the time, it is you who will be ticking on his mind.

3. Something Useful

Idea #3 comes from Valentines Day Gifts for Him

There is nothing wrong with getting your husband something useful for Valentine’s Day. If he travels frequently, a good dopp kit, travel bag, or computer bag may be the perfect gift.  It might not sound very romantic, but what better gift than something that he will use often and be reminded of you when he is away from you?

4. Hair Products

Idea # comes from SheaMoisture Men

Women aren’t the only ones who need hair products.  The SheaMoisture Men’s Groom Styling Smoothie is perfect for his hair. Smooth onto hair to control waves and curls, bust the frizz and bring on the shine! All-natural, and smells so so good.

5. Membership at a Fitness Club

Idea #5 comes from Wish a Friend

A fitness club, is a great way to look after the health of your husband. This Valentines day, take a membership for the two of you at a renowned fitness club that has the right ambience. When you work out with the one you love, even working out seems fun. Plus you can keep even an account on his health. This Valentines day, gift your husband the gift of a healthy life.

6. Hobby Gifts

Idea #6 comes from eHow

Most husbands have hobbies. Gifting your husband with a hobby-related gift on Valentine’s Day will show him that you are confident and secure enough in your relationship not to mind the time he spends pursuing his interests. Hobby gift ideas for husbands can include tickets to a music convention/concert or a new instrument for the music buff, sports equipment for the athlete, collectibles for the husband who has a passion for collecting coins, sports cards, retro-adult magazines or other items, gaming systems and games for the husband who is a gamer and tickets to go sky diving or bungee jumping for the husband who is an adrenaline junkie.

What are you getting you HIM for Valentine’s Day?