Wardrobe Essentials: Staples for Every Woman’s Closet


So, let’s talk staples! No silly, not hair staples, closet staples!! I know many of you have hundreds of different items in your closet, ranging from dresses, to tops, to shoes.  Also, we all like variety both in our hair stash and closet stash, but similar to your hair care routine, there are staples to keep you looking right.

Top Five Wardrobe Essentials

Button Down

You can dress them up or down with jeans, wear them to work, and I’ve even seen girls wear them with sweat pants. This item is definitely VERY versatile and leaves room for you to test your fashion sense and style.


 We’ve talked about blazers time and time again because every girl needs at least one. Whether its form fitting, or loose and cuffed to the elbow, it makes simple outfits appear more polished and sophisticated. They can also add much needed texture, pattern, and color.

Statement Jewelry

Whether it be a chunky necklace, BOLD earrings, or beautiful charm braclet, you need some type of jewelry peice that elevates your look. My favorite statement piece is my vintage belt turned necklace. It’s a show stoppa!


Whether it be ballet flats or sandals, you want to own a pair. Let’s be real, heels can be very painful and sometimes we have to come back to earth, literally and figuratively. There are so many stylish flats on the market today. YOU CHOOSE!


We’ve already stressed the importance of owning/wearing the right size bra. Bras help to keep your breasts lifted and shapely which makes you appear more attractive in  any outfit you wear. Trust, unnecessary buldges can be avoided with the proper undergarments. Make sure you get fitted if you haven’t already done so. 


What’s in Your Closet?

What are Your Closet Staples?

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