What is the Right Way to Moisturize Natural Hair?

My Moisturized Hair 17 months Natural

If I got paid a dollar every time someone emailed me, Facebooked me, Tweeted me, or YouTubed me about how dry their hair is, I would have an impressive savings account.  Moisture, and the lack thereof is a very important part of any naturals hair journey regardless of whether you just BC’d, are Transitioning, or have been natural for years.  If you don’t get a handle on moisture, your hair will show it.

When your hair is moisturized it should look soft and also feel soft to the touch.  Along with that softness will your hair will have a radiant shine.

There are many times I would hug my hubby and he would rest his head on my afro and say “Your hair feels soft like a cloud”.  That’s softness!

There are many different products you can use to moisturize your hair and this article isn’t about what products to use, this article is about the order that things need to be done to properly moisturize your hair.  Think about how you moisturize your skin, first you take a shower (water), then you apply your lotion (moisturizer).  You wouldn’t put your lotion on before you take your shower, would you?  its the same with your hair diva.

Me – 7 months natural chuncky twistout

Step 1:  You need WATER. Water is the purest form of moisture it is your friend.  So most of us will cowash our hair regularly, right? We rinse out the conditioner with WATER — Fabulous. If you aren’t starting with freshly washed hair, then get your spray bottle filled with WATER only, and give your hair a vigorous mist.

Step 2: You need to apply a WATER BASED PRODUCT to your hair.  This can be a water based leave in conditioner, a water based moisturizer, or a water based cream.  It can be ANY of those 3.

Step 3: You need to seal your hair with an OIL.  The oil will keep all the water and water based product hostage in your hair strands.

Step 4: You need to top it all off with a moisturizer (smoothie/butter/souffle) to moisturize your hair and assist you with styling.

Step 5: (optional) Top it off with your favorite styling product.  This is optional because many moisturizers double as a styling product. But not all styling products are moisturizers.  You may be familiar with these types of products that are styling products, but NOT moisturizers, CurlyPudding, Gels, Pomades, Setting Lotions, Loc & Twist Gels etc.

Here’s an example of how I practice what I preach. Oh, and I do this (with these or different products) 1-2x a week.  See why I have no moisture problems??

Me – 1 month Natural 2 strand Twist

Step 1: co wash with Hello Hydrations
Step 2: apply Shea Moisture Thickening Mist and Mizani Hair Milk Leave In
Step 3: apply Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil
Step 4: Apply my Shea butter mix or Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie to my hair (then twist or braid)
Step 5: (sometimes) Apply Miss Jessies Curly Pudding and twist/braid my hair.

Can you do this?  If you can, you will have no problems with moisture.  This isn’t a secret ladies, many many many naturals know how important these steps are and they follow them.  If you watch YT or read other Natural Hair blogs, you will see these same exact steps as a part of their regimen.