What Will I Tell My Daughter If She Wants To Straighten Her Natural Hair

What Will I Tell My Daughter If She Wants To Straighten Her Natural Hair

I was asked the question by another mom on how she can get her daughters to want to wear their natural hair and not get it straightened. While I can’t tell you or her exactly what one thing you can do that will completely change your children’s minds, I can offer you suggestions on what I’ve done to keep my daughter loving her hair and what things I will say to her if this time ever comes.

The first thing I talk about in this video is representation. As her mom my daughter idolizes me. I am her first role model and it would be hypocritical of me to wear my hair straightened and then enforce that she wear her hair natural. She sees herself in me, thus if I am wearing my hair natural she will equate that with beauty.

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The next topic I discuss in this video is relevance. Styling your daughters natural hair in ways that are current and/or in styles she can relate to is a win. My daughter loves Elsa, who’s daughter doesn’t? Well Elsa has straight blond hair and she wears it one braid down the side. While my daughter doesn’t have straight blonde hair, she can however wear her hair in one braid to the side as she is in this video. Yes, we call it a cornrow by why not call it an “Elsa Braid” to make the style relatable to her. Doc McSuffens wears her hair in two braided pig tails, and Princess Teanna wears her hair in an afro.

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Another thing I’ve done for my daughter is to inundate her with natural hair representation. I buy my daughter toys, books, movies, and other items that have characters that look like her. I even go as far as telling my friends and family that if they are going to buy Elle a doll that they buy her a doll that looks like her.

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