What Would Happen If Everyone Were Natural?


What if we lived in a world where natural beauty was the norm? What if we were all confident enough to embrace our natural curls and coils. What if relaxers and perms became non-existent? This “natural” world will create self-assured, strong, confident, beautiful women. Growing up in this world children will see advertising that they can relate to. They would look onto the television screen and see someone that looks just like them. They would aspire to grow up to be just like them.

In today’s society children grow up looking at an unachievable standard of beauty. They see photoshopped images of women and are led to believe that these images are the norm. They are then left to believe that if they do not live up to the norm, there is something wrong with them. Then these children begin to compare themselves to their friends, family, and idols. However, their idols are not realistic, they are superficial ideas of beauty and a terrible representation of the norm. Their idols do not reflect them or most of society because they are powdered, sniped, tucked and transformed into an image feed to us by the media that not even the idol herself can obtain. Their family members aspire to be like society’s idols and their friends are aspiring to be like just like their family.

But what is a girl to try to be when everyone around her is trying to be everything and everyone but themselves?

natural hair mom and daughter Now imagine, this girl grew up in a world where her kinky curls were nothing but the norm. She was raised in a society where she is surrounded by women who looked just like her. Where the celebrities she idolized wore their curls with pride and proudly demonstrated their natural beauty for the world to see. Where her mother sets the example of what beauty truly is by being confident in her own skin despite its color. The women in her family do not feel obligated to wear pounds of makeup or have straight long hair to feel beautiful and her friends would feel just the same. She wouldn’t compare herself to collective images of the unattainable beauty. She would compare herself to her friends and family because there will  have distinct similarities. She wouldn’t feel pressure to look a certain way, or forced to fit in. She wouldn’t feel insecure in her beauty or worth because she see’s those who she idolized as the standard of beauty. The women who she would look up to, would be strong, confident self-assured women who embrace their natural coils and curls and their natural beauty. She would aspire to be just like them, not because she doesn’t look like them and aspire to be but because she is just like them.