Why Salons Charge More For Natural Hair?

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by Jocelyn Reneé of CurlyNuGrowth

Its so expensive to get my natural hair done at a Salon!” This is a statement that I hear a lot about on social media. As a Natural Hair Stylist, Natural Hair Blogger, and Licensed Cosmetologist I have seen all sides of this statement and from a Professional standpoint I want to share a “behind the chair” explanation on the topic of “why salons charge more for natural hair”.

Why Should I Pay for Something I Can Do at Home?

If you’re doing the same moisture treatments, using professional grade products (not ones you buy at Target), examining your scalp and follicles, ensuring your hair is at the correct pH level, using proper tension and partings, applying the correct amount of product to prevent build up and tangling, detangling your hair without a handful coming out, and attaining the DESIRED result that last; yes you should just do you hair at home but if you’re not doing these fundamental aspects of hair care you NEED to see a Professional.

A Professional will provide professional grade products, understand how the products work and how they work for each hair texture, advise you on the health of your hair and scalp, recommend products for at-home care and inbetween salon visits, thoroughly clean and sanitize their tools, and uplift your mind all while making your look as beautiful outside as you are inside!

You Get What You Pay For!

Sure a “Kitchen Beautician” or person that saw it on YouTube and is now a “Natural Hair Stylist” will only charge a few bucks to do a Twist-Out or Marley Twists but think about what it’s costing you.

Do you know when or even IF they cleaned the combs, brushes or clips that’s going in your head? If the last client had lice eggs would they know how to identify them and disinfect PROPERLY so they’re not spread to you? If they cut themselves opening that pack of braiding hair did they properly clean up the blood and prevent contamination to you or did you possibly just contract Hepatitis B sitting in their chair?! Oh yeah, their chair, did they disinfect that after each client? These are just basic Sanitation practices.

Now, let’s talk about the products their using, which you probably use too. If you’re “Natural Hair Stylist” is using products that anyone can get access too sure their costs will be lower. And I’m not knocking some brands of consumer products because they’re actually pretty good but at the very least the “Natural Hair Stylist” should understand how they work and the pH and/or chemical reactions between them. If they’re just using this conditioner because YouTuber XYZ said it was good, and this leave-in because “it looks like it made XYZs hair smooth on her latest video” you’re obviously not paying for a Stylist that has invested in education. And if they’re not expanding their knowledge on hair care chances are it’s not their full-time job or passion so naturally they’re not going to include the cost of living in the price they charge you.

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A professional will charge you accordingly. The factors that go into cost of a service are not just pulled out of thin air because “natural hair is more demanding or labor intensive”, the factors include:

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About The Author:  Jocelyn Reneé is a Licensed Cosmetologist, Loctician and Textured Hair Educator. Chat with Jocelyn on twitter!