Winter Protective Style 3


During the Winter I really enjoy wearing protective style updos like this because they are easy to do and look really cute!

I’ve been wearing easy updo styles repeatedly.  They are easy to do, you need only a few tools and you’re giving your hair protection at the same time. If you’re looking for more protective styles you’ve come to the right place.

For this style, you don’t have to have stretched or blown out hair.


Bobby Pins


Start by taking parting your hair down the middle. Roll, Tuck, and Pin the left side of your hair to the ear.  Repeat with the left side.

Finally, Grab all the remaining hair in the back, Roll, Tuck, and Pin all the hair upward.

And you’re done!

Feel free to add accessories to jazz it up. For bed, you can put on a bonnet, or take down and restyle in the morning.

Watch this video tutorial to see how I achieved this updo.

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How do you wear your hair in the Winter?