You Need To Do This If You Want Long Natural Hair

long natural hair

If you’re anything like me then you love to wear your natural hair out proudly for the entire world to see, but unfortunately the more your natural hair is out the more damaging this is to the ends of your hair. The ends of your hair are the oldest parts of your hair and for this reason they need the most care. And if your goal is long natural hair, then maintaining the health of your ends from here on out should be the priority. I advise that you wear protective styles from time to time to give your ends much needed protection.

Frequent and regular washing, conditioning, styling, and detangling requires constant tugging on your hair, making it weaker than the last time. As a result, it’s normal to experience some hair fall each time you touch your hair. But the normal shedding that we get daily is very different from breakage. Protective styling only supports healthy hair and ultimately can lead to strong long natural hair. Adding a few simple styles to your regimen can give you great long term results.


Any style that you wear that allows your ends to be tucked away, is a protective style. Styles like twists and braids with your own natural hair are wonderful, but if you’re wearing your twists and braids our down allowing your ends to be exposed, you are not wearing them as a protective style. Rule of thumb: If I can see the ends of your hair, then you are not wearing a protective style.

Here are a few protective styles that I recommend.


For this style you will need to know how to cornrow braid your hair. This style requires two large braids at the front of your hair and then you roll and tuck and pin the rest of your hair for a classy protective style that can be worn as often as you’d like.


If your braiding skills need to be worked on, this protective style might be right up your alley. To achieve this look you just need to roll your hair and pin it into place.


Chunky flat twists create an intricate pattern on your natural hair. In this video you will see how Blogger naptural85, pins her flat twists up so that her hair isn’t hangging down, making this a protective style instantly.

The beauty of natural hair is the versatility. Have fun with your hair and try not to worry too much about length but more so on health. By incorporating healthy hair style choices into your regimen you will be on your way to long hair in no time.