You Need To See Nappily Ever After, Stat


“I have been in love with you since I was eleven and it just won’t go away”.. such a classic line from one of my favorite movies Love and Basketball with my girl Sanaa Lathan. Like her character said I have love her ever since and been a fan of her movie projects. I freaked out when I heard she big chopped. Nervous about how she would look but so curious at the same time. To my surprise the short cut looks gorgeous on her. Ms Lathan did the big chop for the role of Violet from the book series Nappily Ever After. After my shock wore off, I looked up this book series and began reading. I finished the first book before the weekend was over. Yes reading is one of my favorite past times but this series is so relatable.

The movie came out on Netflix Friday September 21st. Sanaa’s character’s name is Violet and she appears to have it all. The the high profile job, the beautiful house and the doctor boyfriend. She has her life perfectly planned out especially her hair. Avoiding rain or any chance of humidity to keep her treeses bone straight. On the night of her birthday the relationship with her boyfriend and her relationship with her hair undergoes a drastic change The saying is true “a woman who changes her hair is about to change her life”. Without revealing the whole movie Violet’s big chop is the start of her finding herself.

This story is empowering and relatable. Nappily Ever After takes us through the personal journey of embracing our hair. It exposes the barriers that block us from loving our natural selves. In a review for his website Roger Bert says “With humor and honesty, and grounded by very strong performances, “Nappily Ever After” is the story of Violet’s gradual and sometimes painful embrace of her natural hair”. Fresh, emotional, realistic, thought provoking, funny and uplifting are just a few words used to describe this movie. It time we have a story made for us by us and about us. If you do not have a Netflix account – I urge you to sign up for a free trial or borrow a friend’s login information because Nappily Ever After is a must see.